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How deliver influencer campaigns that pack a punch

14 November 2023

How to deliver influencer campaigns that pack a punch

We are back with another boost of insight to help you achieve your brand and marketing goals through strategic and targeted communication campaigns.  

Our next free insight session at 11am on Thursday 30 November will focus on influencer marketing - how to deliver a highly effective influencer marketing campaign for your brand in a cost-effective and impactful way.

Influencer strategies can deliver significant ROI, whilst driving reach, awareness, footfall and sales when you most want them.  

Our 45 mins session will cover:

  • Seven steps for success: An overview of the process we work through to help brands identify and then deliver successful influencer campaigns from goal setting to identification and recruitment of influencers. 
  • The different ways to work with influencers with worked examples: Learnings from influencer campaigns from clients such as Serpentine, Hard Rock Cafe and Japan House London with insight on each for marketing teams to apply in their campaigns.  
  • Behavioural Influencer Amplification: How to amplify influencer content through targeted, cross-channel, digital advertising to enhance impact on audience engagement and purchasing behaviour.  
  • Measuring success: Each brand is on its own marketing journey, with differing budgets, objectives and starting points.  There is no set way for success - but there is a right way. We explain the difference, why it matters, the approach to take and the reporting tools to measure success.    

Join us on 30th November.

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