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The Power of Place Brand in the Covid Economy

21 July 2020

In this Recovery Session, (video below) place brand expert Roger Pride shares the key points for developing a destination brand to adapt and thrive in the Covid Economy. 

The Covid lockdown has accelerated the dramatic changes already underway in how people shop, live and work. All of which will change what people want from their towns and cities and, in return, what these places offer. For destinations to successfully adapt to these new pressures, they will require a distinct vision that guides their development and purpose as well as their marketing and communications, to influence their target audiences. 

Find out how: 

  • How Roger uses a ‘Lodestar' to guide a place’s purpose, development and marketing 
  • The importance fo providing ‘moments of truth’ that reflect and amplify your core proposition
  • The seven ‘R-Values’ for place recovery
  • Why creating confidence of a place’s offer and ability, developing your own language, adapting quickly and the importance of honesty are vital for a place’s success. 

Roger Pride leads Heavenly’s place brand practice, working in the UK and internationally for leading cities and destinations across tourism, heritage and retail. In the UK his experience ranges from leading Salisbury’s repositioning after the Novichok attack through to launching the Great West Way and brand strategies for cities including Belfast, Birmingham and Cardiff.  

Watch the video below. 

Links to articles mentioned in the discussion: 

- Our campaign for Battersea Power Station that grew footfall to 2m people.  (see our other case studies for destinations here). 

- Insight on working with Micro-influencers to reach specific audience groups

- School's programme we developed to help children in Croydon better connect into their town's history, future and wider community.