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China Insights: Advice for UK destination brands

29 July 2020

As China’s economy gets back on its feet, what are Chinese consumers looking for from brands? How are they buying? And, what does all this mean for UK Brands and destinations?

In this Recovery Session (Video below) Vanessa Wu, European Director at Gusto Luxe, a China based integrated agency, highlights how UK brands can better engage and sell to the Chinese consumer. The Q&A that follows the presentation also raises detailed and interesting points. 

Key highlights:

  • The key Chinese consumer behavioural trends
  • What UK brands and destinations should be doing to amplify their offer to the Chinese customer
  • The importance of Chinese social media sites for UK destination brands
  • Thoughts on the traveling intentions of Chinese consumers and how to influence these for your brand’s benefit.

Links mentioned in discussion:

The consumer behaviour trends between Chinese and UK consumers are very similar.  This Recovery Session provides advice on how UK brands should be addressing these needs - this could also be applied for the Chinese customer. 

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