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17 September 2020


The Government has announced that it will end the VAT Retail Export (tax free shopping) Scheme for visitors from all countries in the UK on 31 December 2020. This means Britain will be the only country in Europe not to offer tax free shopping, potentially loosing £3.5 billion in sales of tax fee sales and undermining the country’s appeal to overseas tourists. 

Kallaway is supporting the NWEC’s campaign to lobby the Government to overturn this surprise announcement before a final decision is made.  

Ministers are expected to make a decision shortly. NWEC is encouraging any business or destination which benefits from tourism or overseas shoppers to write to the Chancellor and raise their concerns with their local MP by 5pm Friday 18 September. 

The more individual businesses that write from across the UK from the different types of industry (retailers, hotels, tour operators, restaurants, attractions, airport businesses etc) the better. 

The key points to make: 

  • The importance of tax-free shopping to your industry, business and region 
  • The negative impact on your business of this decision
  • Ask the Chancellor to reconsider the decision 
  • Ask your local MP to raise it with the Chancellor

The Association of International Retail has a useful briefing on the economic impact.  

The Chancellor’s address is Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ, public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk below and you can find your local MP here.

Kallaway is writing to the Chancellor and our local MP, outlining support for the campaign on behalf of the sectors we serve and clients.

If you have any questions on NWEC’s campaign please contact Alice.stewart@newwestend.com or  Katie.blake@kallaway.com 

Together, we can stop this decision, save tax free shopping and a key part of our tourism offer.

Team Kallaway