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VIDEO: Why your website isn’t selling enough tickets and how to Fix It

7 December 2021

UK attractions and destinations are losing huge volumes of potential income because their websites don’t have the sales process optimised, but simple changes to the booking process can help reverse this trend and bring significant business benefit. 

Watch this Insight Session from Kelly Molson, CEO, Rubber Cheese on the simple steps you need to take to improve your attraction’s online booking process to secure more sales.  

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The challenge: While almost 70% of online shoppers abandoned their booking as they approach check out according to the Baymard Institute, it’s close to 80% for the travel industry, according to Statista. Baymard has found that over 12 years of testing - the number one reason why shoppers fail to purchase is because the website itself is not conducive to a smooth sales process. 

Watch the Insight Session to find how to improve your website and ticket sales process.

Overview of solutions, detailed in full in the Session:

  1. Make Continual Marginal Gains: Don’t schedule and budget to ‘re-do’ your website every few years.  Just as Formula One teams constantly change and adapt their racing cars, so you should be reviewing and adapting your website for peak performance all the time. 
  2. Speed, flow and consistency:  55% of visitors will send less than 15 seconds on your website, if they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly they’ll leave. Find out what makes a clear user journey and a pain free ticket buying process. Kelly shows how she increased ticket sales by almost 25% for Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.  
  3. Measure what matters:  Find out how using daily measurement of important visitor analytics will enable you to understand the changes that need to be made - and the tools you should be using.  
  4. Encouraging back would be buyers and upselling:  Emails sent to shoppers who abandoned their cart have an open rate of 45%, providing you with the opportunity to tempt them back and upsell - as do retargeting and upselling at the point of purchase - we show you how.  

Watch the Session for these insights and more.

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