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6 January 2022

From flypostering for the Serpentine Gallery to a site specific urban mural for the Design Museum: just two ways we’re helping traditional cultural attraction brands innovate their outdoor advertising – which also reflect the way brands are creating fresh and new ways to engage the public through out of home media.

To learn how you can innovate your out of home media during 2022, watch this Insight Session with Rupert Bean, Kallaway’s Media Director, as he reviews the Serpentine and Design Museum campaigns and covers the other recent developments shaping bought media – top six insights below – and the opportunity to get our weekly media deals email:

  1. Consider site specific locations to amplify your brand stories  consider if your brand just took one (or a few spaces) in an area true to your brand story and how you could create a marketing campaign around that. Discover how our Camden High Street mural campaign for the Design Museum did exactly that to launch its new Amy Winehouse exhibition, delivering value way beyond the normal media buying metrics.  
  2. Improve your data-driven planning – as we move into a world where the usual customer journeys are now displaced across different parts of the day (with more flexible working practices putting paid to the usual morning and evening commute, for example), OOH planning needs to evolve, becoming smarter and more sophisticated; we tell you how.
  3. Enhance your programmatic OOH and Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) – just as digital media and now digital audio can be bought programmatically, OOH is following suit, allowing brands to optimise their outdoor budgets to ensure no wastage – the session provides worked examples.
  4. Consider 3D Possibilities – 3D used to be the domain of big budgets only, but prices are falling and the number of 3D enabled screens growing. Think about how you could be the first brand in your sector to be creative with the 3D medium – reap the reward of being a first, creating the advert that gets your customers and peers talking.
  5. Improve the integration of your paid and earned media  as a basic, consider how the humble QR Code, now resurrected and commonly used thanks to the COVID pandemic, can turn your out of home media into portals for more brand information via the code. But, more broadly, interlink your bought media into your earned and social in new and effective ways that reflect your brand and offer – we share some examples.
  6. Finally - don’t be shy: Ask  great media ideas often die in creative planning sessions – or are never born – because marketers’ thinking about out of home media is often limited to the media they’ve directly experienced. Involve media buying in the process from the start; you may find that the out of home stunt you think isn’t possible probably is – and at a lower cost that you expect; and if you don’t, then the novel idea you never explored because you didn’t know about it, will remain lost. 

Talk about media buying during the creative process – not at the end. Best of all, talk to us – or book an appointment with Rupert – and we’ll help you deliver a great campaign. Also, sign up for our weekly media deals email. Each week we share Out of Home Deals helping you save money and time in securing the best value. Sign up here by emailing Rupert.