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26 May 2019

The retail sector in the UK is in the throes of unprecedented unheaval and change as retail destinations and brands attempt to reestablish their purpose and relevancy. In this challenging environment, a new retail community has risen in London Bridge following the area’s dramatic redevelopment over the past decade.

Team London Bridge knew the community needed to raise its profile and relevancy to visitors, to be able to compete with the wide variety of other London destinations clamouring for their attention. So Kallaway was commissioned alongside retail consultancy firm Emotional Logic to produce the first ever Retail Strategy for the globally iconic area. 

We brought together over 50 property owners, brands and stakeholders to take part in the consultation process, enabling our strategy to reflect their interests and insights. Key participants included Southwark Council, Great Portland Estates, Science Gallery London, Sellar Group, London Bridge City, and Network Rail. 

Our approach has provided Team London Bridge with a clear vision and plan for the area, outlining concrete steps to ensure London Bridge achieves its potential, strengthens the local economy, grows jobs and builds partnerships.

The collaborative, community-led strategy has united business and property owners, sparking a variety of partnerships between businesses across the area to drive footfall, dwell and spend.

Click here to read the strategy: https://www.teamlondonbridge.co.uk/retail